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What Makes A Medical Weight Loss Program Successful?

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Obesity can be detrimental to your overall physical, mental, and emotional health. Although diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes may prove successful for some men and women, others struggle to find the right modifications to lose weight. At Mid Cities Direct Primary Care, our healthcare providers work with patients throughout Grapevine, TX to help meet their personal weight loss goals. Dr. James Terry and Dr. Kara Farley offer customized medical weight loss programs to help patients achieve long-lasting and meaningful results.

What is a medical weight loss program?

A medical weight loss program is an intensive program supervised by a medical professional with the intention to help the participant lose a significant amount of weight. At Mid Cities Direct Primary Care, Dr. Terry and Dr. Farley work with patients who want to lose 20 pounds or more by creating a weight loss program tailored to their unique needs, motivations, medical histories, and personal goals.

Am I an ideal candidate for a medical weight loss program?

Both men and women make excellent candidates for medical weight loss programs if they:

  • Have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher

  • Need to lose 20 pounds or more

  • Have tried other diets with little to no results

During the initial consultation, full details of the medical weight loss program are disclosed, and the following are performed:

  • Medical exam

  • Risk/needs assessment

  • Exercise and nutrition counseling

Dr. Terry and Dr. Farley help each patient determine if they can safely participate in a medical weight loss program based on their personal and medical histories.

What makes a medical weight loss program successful?

Medical weight loss programs are typically successful compared to nonmedical dieting programs for multiple reasons, including:

  • The program is tailored to your specific motivations and needs

  • The program is supervised and updated regularly by a medical professional

  • The program can be supplemented with weight loss medication prescribed by a licensed medical professional

  • The program is designed to fit your lifestyle while working around your specific medical barriers

Treatments involved in a medical weight loss program

Since medical weight loss programs are highly customized, the layout will vary per patient. However, the following treatment options are often included:

  • Dieting plan that focuses on decreasing caloric intake and increasing energy

  • Behavior modification

  • Exercise regimen

  • Weight loss medication

Dr. Terry and Dr. Farley visit with their patients at monthly visits to track progress and update or modify personal goals or programs.

How much weight can I lose using a medical weight loss program?

The total amount of weight you can safely lose depends on your baseline BMI, your expected BMI, and your doctor’s professional recommendations. Depending on the individual, patients may lose anywhere from one to three pounds per week.

Will I maintain my results once the program is finished?

The goal of a medical weight loss program is to help a patient lose the weight and keep it off. If patients adhere to their new lifestyle modifications, they can potentially maintain their new weight loss results for many years.

Learn more about medical weight loss in Grapevine, TX

If you reside in or near Grapevine, TX, and would like to learn more about the benefits of a medical weight loss program, contact us at Mid Cities Direct Primary Care and schedule a consultation today. Dr. James Terry and Dr. Kara Farley will work with you or your loved ones and create a customized medical weight loss program that can produce real, effective results.

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