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All There’s To Know About Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

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Hormones are essential for the body to function properly. They serve as a communication system between cells and coordinate several internal processes, such as digestion, growth, appetite, libido, and more. There are certain unprecedented situations when the hormones in the body become unbalanced. This implies that they can no longer perform their basic functions of coordinating body operations. Therefore, the body is left with a need to find a way to manage the symptoms, and one of such ways is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This article will examine hormone replacement therapy with a focus on Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets so that you have a better understanding of how this works and why it’s beneficial.  

What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? 

To begin, an understanding of BHRT is necessary. The main  function of the therapy is to work on the hormone levels when they are low and curb the appearance of unwanted symptoms. The hormones used for HRT are gotten from plant estrogens which have been made to be identical to those produced by the body. They can be gotten in various forms as provided by the bioidentical hormones specialist, including pills, patches, and pellets.  

It is worth saying that there are two different types of hormones in this regard:  

  1. Bioidentical 
  2. Traditional 

In terms of their functions, they are completely identical in every way with the only difference stemming from their sources. The traditional hormones are made from the urine of pregnant horses while bioidentical hormones are gotten from the estrogen of plants. 

What are Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets? 

This is basically one of the many forms in which the hormones can be administered. It is a tried and tested method which our expert doctors, James Terry MD and Kara Farley MD at Mid-Cities Direct Primary Care have prescribed to numerous clients. It is not a stretch to say that it is one of the major reasons why bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one of the best that can be gotten. Per their nature, these pellets are the most natural way  to deliver the hormones and release constant doses.  

When to Administer Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets? 

In dealing with hormone pellets, it’s important to know that there are specific times to start using them . This is to ensure that there are no side effects or medical concerns. This type of therapy is helpful to treat conditions like insulin resistance, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis. Moreover, studies say they help reduce some cancer symptoms.  

When it comes to HRT, great care has been taken to identify the ideal moments in each respective gender:  

  1. For men, the andropause phase is the right moment for the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as testosterone has been known to drop a reported 1% every year. To avoid an increase in blood pressure or cholesterol levels, the pellets are administered to get the testosterone back to normalcy.  
  2. For women, the pellets can be used to curtail perimenopause and menopause symptoms. Bioidentical hormone therapy helps women with problems derivated from low testosterone, such as hair loss, decreased libido, and low energy.   

Get Your Hormones Balanced | Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Grapevine TX 

If you feel like something’s off, especially if you are a man during the andropause or a menopause woman, bio-identical hormone pellets might be an option to consider. The use of hormone pellets has proven to be very key in the effective management of various hormone imbalances. At Mid-Cities Direct Primary Care, our bioidentical hormones specialist in Grapevine TX can recommend the hormone therapy that works best for you. Contact us today at (817) 284-9875 or schedule an appointment here  to get started 

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